Switch Pick the one stop pick

Designed by guitarists for guitarists


Switch Pick has been developed to cater for the demands of today's guitarist. Giving a level of versatility unequalled by its counterparts.


With just a simple finger movement you can effortlessly switch between gauges 0.6mm and 1.2mm enabling a greater degree of flexibility and dynamic expression without having to change picks or compromise technique.

Our Design Aims

  • We have taken great care to get the geometry just right and worked closely with guitarists to get the feel of switch pick perfect
  • Incorporated within the design, raised lettering and a centre hole provide a non slip surface , ensuring the pick stays in your hand
  • Design the surface detail to ensure the pick stays in your hand regardless of strumming intensity
  • Provide a variety of colours and custom markings


We have manufactured many prototypes to optimize the design. Created a Logo and registered as a Limited Company. Registered the design in major countries around the world. Completed the final design in 3D CAD.

  • We have registered the design and Switchpick name in major countries around the world.
  • We are now in full production in the UK.
  • Switch Picks are manufactured in high quality Nylon 6 material.
  • Please contact us; we would like feedback from guitarists and stockists.
  • If you’d like to know more or become a supplier please contact us by phone or e-mail.


Endorsed by the UKs Musical Instrument Association http://www.mia.org.uk