Switch Pick the one stop pick

Designed by guitarists for guitarists


We are a couple of guitarists who have designed Switch Pick. Andy is a professional guitarist and Paul is an aerospace engineer.

Great care has been taken to get the geometry and grip of Switch Pick as perfect as possible. Professional guitarists and bands and are keen to endorse and share our product with you.

With just a simple finger movement you can effortlessly switch between gauges 0.6mm and 1.2mm enabling a greater degree of flexibility and dynamic expression without having to change picks or compromise technique.

Our Design Aims

  • We have taken great care to get the geometry just right and worked closely with guitarists to get the feel of switch pick perfect
  • Incorporated within the design, raised lettering and a centre hole provide a non slip surface , ensuring the pick stays in your hand
  • Design the surface detail to ensure the pick stays in your hand regardless of strumming intensity
  • Provide a variety of colours and custom markings


We have manufactured many prototypes to optimize the design. Created a Logo and registered as a Limited Company. Registered the design in major countries around the world. Completed the final design in 3D CAD.

  • We have registered the design and Switchpick name in major countries around the world.
  • We are now in full production in the UK.
  • Switch Picks are manufactured in high quality Nylon 6 material.
  • Please contact us; we would like feedback from guitarists and stockists.
  • If you’d like to know more or become a supplier please contact us by phone or e-mail.


Endorsed By:-

UKs Musical Instrument Association http://www.mia.org.uk

Michelle Taylor | Professional Guitarist https://michelleguitar.wixsite.com/michelle

Danny Gill | Professional Guitarist and music book author https://www.dannygill.com/

Wild Fire | young female duo from Texas USA https://www.wildfiresings.com/

Duskwood | UK based Rock band http://www.duskwood.co.uk